Vertigo Sea at CoCA

John Akomfrah, Vertigo Sea 2015

I really don't want to write too much about my experience of Vertigo Sea, as it is a show I think people need to go and see and experience for themselves, so I'll keep it short.
From the promotional material that has been floating about for the last few weeks in anticipation of Vertigo sea I had been really been looking forward to attending this exhibition. I was so affected by the visually stunning imagery, the score and the occasional audio that I had to go back again for a second viewing. The way Vertigo Sea is shown using three large screens to display three sets of related imagery transcends the work from a stunning film in the traditional sense to more of an immersive experience. Your attention is diverted from screen to screen in a some what jarring way that plays a large role in your emotive reactions to the work. The timeline and ticking clocks not only aid in the story telling, but the way I received these tools was as though there was a message they were conveying. Time is ticking and we as humans may have the power to change where is leads us. Go and experience Vertigo Sea, make your own mind up about it, I am sure you'll be blown away and moved by the juxtaposing beauty and horror of the imagery before you.