Happy New Year! Here's an update...

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2015. Saint Winston. (Pen, ink and gouache on paper). Private collection



Where to start...  Happy new year! It really has been ages since I last updated my website or posted anything, I intend to improve on this. Recently, I have made some pretty big changes to my weekly practice and I hope this will lead to good things this year. If I am very honest, last year I struggled to make work every week. Like everyone else out there I need to earn a living, this left me very little time to be creative. Fortunately, I have very recently cut back from full time to part time hours. I have intentions of being more creative and prolific with my art practice and all the other ambitious plans I have had for the past couple of years and have been unable to achieve. Wish me luck!

For now here is a brief update on what I have been up to the last six months. I guess it has mainly been working and doing quite a substantial amount of over time to get a new website up and running for my job. I did manage to make a drawing of our dog Winston for my husband James' birthday (pictured above). I also worked on many other drawings and illustrations for a project that I hope to get off the ground this year. In amongst a very stressful house move I somehow managed to make some work for a couple of exhibitions as part of the First Thursdays event too. These works are part of my ongoing practice, they will continue to grow in scale, but for now I am still working on small studies. I guess there were a few very small achievements last year, but not enough to satisfy my appetite. As of today I am hoping to jump into my creative flow again.

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2015. In My Mother's Garden. (Pen on paper). Private collection

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2015. One and Many. (Ink and gouache on paper). Private collection

A great way to help me get started was a recent visit to Christchurch Art Gallery. With the gallery being closed for almost five years it was such a joy to walk through those doors again and I look forward to many more visits. There was a very enjoyable variety of work to contemplate. Look out for The Newest New World installation by Tanya Shultz next time you visit the gallery. If you know any children I would recommend taking them along, it is a very happy space and perhaps the perfect way to introduce children to the wonderful world of art!


Exhibition openings and gallery visits are another area I wish to improve my participation in, as previously I had often been working during open times and new opening exhibition events. I haven't been to as many as I would have liked to attend, not even close. There are some great little art galleries around Christchurch and I hope to reconnect with them. With Christchurch Art Gallery open again and CoCA set to open in February there is much to look forward to this year.

I'll leave you with that update for now, the next one will not be so far away. Thank you to all of you who have contacted me with constructive, positive and encouraging feedback, it means a lot and your support is appreciated. I wish you all a happy and successful 2016!

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2015. Closer Look #2. (Ink and gouache on paper). Private collection