Through the Glass Ceiling Exhibition at Tin Palace

If you haven't been along to see Through the Glass Ceiling exhibition at the Tin Palace in Lyttelton, I would recommend going along. I finally had the chance to go on Saturday and really enjoyed my visit. The portraits by Julia Holden have a lovely effortless quality about them and the incredible women they portray broke conventions in their time. Women such as suffragette Kate Sheppard, whom not only had great impact on women's suffrage in New Zealand, but also had impact in other countries and graces the face of the New Zealand ten dollar note. The most impressive and impactful part of the exhibition was the Women's refuge sculpture of Kate Sheppard. The sculpture is made of glass layered resin and has messages engraved on each layer. It was designed and made by Propeller Studios in Wellington and was supposed to go on display for three months at Parliament, I hope that one day it will get there, it certainly deserves to. Well done on Tin Palace for bringing it to Christchurch.