New Studio

After nearly eighteen months of having no creative space or area to work in I finally have a somewhere I can go to be actively creative. It has been difficult trying to keep my practice flowing at the kitchen table, with no storage and lots of annoying distractions around me. Believe me, I know I was just one of many in this situation, but with the help of my husband James, I have turned the spare bedroom in our little flat into a small art studio. James made the storage units for me. I have an A3 sized unit that sits on top of our desk and a much larger A0 storage unit to keep my larger drawings, paintings and framed works safe. I am have started making new works and have a couple of weeks booked off to seriously get a flow of new work started. It is very exciting and I can't wait to share some of it with you.

It is amazing how so much has changed in the two weeks since the art room was completed. I already have a list of ideas that I want to get started on. Compare this to the weeks before when I was beginning to become concerned that I was hitting a wall. Having a genuine creative environment to work in seems to have cleared a block and it just goes to show how important different work areas can be to productivity. I have my own little haven again and as I sit here writing this blog in my modest art studio I know it is the beginning of a new love affair!