Examining the Strand

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2015. Examining the Strand series (Digital photograph). Collection of the artist

From today onwards I have six days booked off work, they are spread over two weeks, which should hopefully mean I can get lot's of new work started. I am determined to be positive, despite a poor start to my two week art schedule. In spite of working very hard today on a variety of ideas, I have very little to show for it. I worked on some drawings of hair that were along the same lines as the photographs seen above, but they seemed to have little to say. I also worked on a painting I started a while ago, but that resulted in irredeemable failure. I will have to paint over it and start something entirely new. 

I spent half the day examining a single strand of hair. I made some drawings of it and then took some photographs, as seen above. I was captivated by what I perceived to be an undervalued beauty. I am not sure if this observation will lead anywhere yet. 

Despite the failures I did enjoy the actual process of making today. Tomorrow is a new day and I will strive to do better! There is always something positive to learn from mistakes, hopefully I won't make the same ones again.