CoCA Tour

As mentioned in my previous post I am currently volunteering for Centre of Contemporary Art, aka CoCA. Today I had the opportunity to visit the CoCA site, where great work is being carried out to refurbish the building. I felt a strange mix of emotions being inside CoCA again, it felt like such a long time ago since I was last there. Being inside brought back many memories and I felt inspired to see the work underway to create, what I believe is going to be a great gallery space that people are going to enjoy. I cannot wait to see the new CoCA and feel very happy to be a very small part of this stage of preparation.

Here are some photographs I took inside today (please forgive the poor quality, they were taken on my phone). I hope they will give you a feel for the space inside. Despite the grey weather today and the scaffolding blocking much of the light, I could really get a great sense of the natural light that will flow through the gallery when it is finished.

 CoCA is set to re-open later this year! Stay posted for more updates.