Well, the last couple of months have been very busy and exciting. I had my first solo exhibition in September and at the beginning of October I was part of the First Thursdays group exhibition. The exhibit was predominately made up of emerging artists, which I found inspiring to be part of. My next challenge is to try to continue to be part of these types of showcases.

Currently, I am still fighting the battle so many artists come up against, which is the challenge of trying to find time to further develop my practice, whilst working full time. This is just part of being in the real world and I am getting used to it more and more as time goes on. I am so grateful for whatever time I have to be creative.

Today I finished Flotsam (as seen above). It is the first painting I have made using canvas as a picture carrier in around three years, which is a huge change to my practice. My practice is completely experimental at this stage, so I will have to have a break from Flotsam before I decide whether to use canvas again.

I am experimenting with scale more than ever before, from small prints and drawings, to larger paintings that will continue to increase in size. I am also about to start making an artist book based on my smaller scale works. The collection of my own hair is continuing to grow and I am still documenting this whenever I feel inspired by the natural shapes and patterns revealed (as seen below). So there is much to be done and I am still captivated by this subject.

Hair collecting documentation. Lara Mumby-Croft