A New Week!

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2014. Reflect (charcoal on paper). Collection of the artist.

I booked a few days off work for this week, solely to catch up on some of my own work and preparation for different projects. This meant I was able to go and stock up on some art materials today. I forgot how much I enjoy shopping for art materials, it always seems to give me a surge of creative energy! I was also able to go through some of my drawings to start organising which work I will frame and how much work still needs to be made before September. In addition to this I have started some new drawings inspired by my very first experimental drawings with/of hair. I really want to push my original ideas and experimentation further, as I feel I pushed past my initial stage faster than I would have had I not been studying for my degree.

I also received some great news! The Gynaecological Cancer Foundation haven't had their annual fundraiser yet. This year they are holding it in September instead of June. This is great, I haven't missed out on donating some work after all! I am very happy and relieved to know that I can still donate something this year, it is very important to me. I have some ideas for some purely aesthetic work that will hopefully raise as much money as possible. I'll keep you posted!

For now here is one of my finished drawings from today.

Reflect detail.

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2014. Hair #4 2014 (digital photograph). Collection of the artist.

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2014. Hair #5 2014 (digital photograph). Collection of the artist.