Busy, Busy, Busy!

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2014. Detangle. (ink on paper). Collection of the artist.

Well, it has been another crazy busy time recently. I haven't made much work due to being busy at work and needing all four of my wisdom teeth out. Fun! My job is great and I get to use some creative flare, but I am struggling to juggle still. I am sure by the end of this year I will be used to juggling work, social life and my own personal work. I have had no time to make some specific work for the NZGCF. I am pretty gutted about this, but I would rather donate something that I am proud of than donate work for the sake of it. It will have to wait till next year or I will look at another charity to donate to this year.

But, I have done something though... I finished the above ink drawing a couple of weeks ago and I still keep adding to my diary of thoughts and ideas. I can't seem to find the time to put them into practice and part of me wonders if I have lost some confidence with my creativity. Perhaps being busy is a convenient excuse for me? I used to make time for being creative regardless of how busy I was. I know I need to work on this.

I am thinking of embarking on something new. As you may know, myself and James Mumby-Croft illustrated a children's book for Author Jenny Hill, which was published late last year. We are currently working on character design and story ideas for our own childrens book. Progress is slow at the moment, but it is an exciting prospect for us. No details yet, but if we can get something concrete going before the end of the year I'll post a sneak peak.

I have also been looking at some things in my life that bring me joy and happiness for inspiration, as discussed in my previous post. I have started making a series of cards that I will give as birthday cards or other occasions for friends and family. There is something about the personal touch of a handmade illustrated card that really does touch people more that any bought card can. This is of course dependent on time again! Here's one of them, this is my pug Winston. I can't help but smile every time I look at him, it was nice to share that with someone else!

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2014. Pugalicious! (ink, pencil and pen on paper)