Lara Mumby-Croft. 2014. Debris. (Ink on paper). Collection of the artist.

Today I finished the ink drawing I started last week and it has been a really productive day, lot's of reading and working on other ideas. I even managed to make it out to an exhibition opening at 241 Chambers art gallery. A great show called Indefinite Article by artists Hamish Coleman and Rebecca Harris. I am hoping to go and view the works again to spend more time on them. I would definitely recommend going. There is some lively and colourful work in this area at the moment. Last week I went to Art Box to see Michael Collins show Un-canny and next door, the new Christchurch art gallery show Burster Flipper Wobbler Dripper Spinner Stacker Shaker Maker. These shows make a great day out, particularly if you have any children with you, they're full of colour!

I am finding Art as Therapy a refreshing read with such as views expressed on the place of beauty in art. Alain de Botton suggests that the more we are acquainted with bad aspects of life, such as tradgedy and woe, the more sensitive we may become to its opposites. This could explain why a larger mass of the general population are more taken with 'pretty' or 'beautiful' art. I found this perspective refreshing, as aesthetically pleasing art is so often undermined in the contemporary art world, it is great to read another perspective that doesn't condemn. I am still in the early stages of reading this book, but as strange as it may sound I feel like there is a dialogue between myself and the author. I wish I could have more time to continue with productive days such as these! To all those creatives still studying out there, enjoy this time and immerse yourself in it, as it is highly likely you won't be able to dedicate yourself to this area as much as you would like. Life gets in the way!