Are You Chaetophobic?

Hideo Nakata. Ring. Film still, 1998.

I find it easy to understand people who have Chaetophobia (a fear of hair, particularly detached hair), but I had never heard of people who have a hair fetish before! At least not until I read the following article attached below. With all the pschological research I have been doing into reactions to human hair, and the artworks I am currently making to encourage such reactions, I am beginning to wonder where I would sit (nervous laughter ensues)! Am I still chaetophobic? Or, do I now have a hair fetish! Oh dear!

Ask yourself, are YOU Chaetophobic? It is more common than you think you know. It is mainly in reaction to other people's hair that has shed and clogged the plughole or any other related scenario...

Check out this creepy article and I am sure you'll find your answer: