Gallery Visit: Double Feature

Anja Kirschner and David Panos, Ultimate Substance 2012, HD Video HD Video (33mins)  

I went along to two exhibition openings this evening and I enjoyed both exhibitions in equal measure. The first stop was the Physics Room. Supply + Demand is a thought provoking and captivating group exhibition dealing with current global economy and the historic implications of economic growth.

Being honest, it takes something very interesting to hold my full attention when it comes to art films shown in a gallery space. As hard as I try to pay attention, I often drift off. Tonight this was not the case, particularly with Anja Kirschner and David Panos' Video Ultimate Substance. I didn't want to take my eyes off the the work, clever visuals and sound editing worked well to engage with the audience. I intend to go back again, as I had to leave to catch the beginning of the performance by Audrey Baldwin at Room Four.

The group exhibition; Golden Grrl$ held at Room Four concentrated on the theme of gold, excess, and it's seduction. The star of the show was Audrey Baldwin, who wore a gold metallic sheath that revealed her legs, engulfing her entire upper body and ascended to a beam in the ceiling which seemed to offer some kind of support. For the first hour Baldwin stood in the costume and only made natural movements. The effect was quite beautiful in its simplicity. The second hour Baldwin began 'tweaking' and performing various other movements with her lower body. I think the entire audience was in awe of her stamina and energy. This performance will not be repeated, but the other works in the show are worth a look.

Overall a fantastic Christchurch art night out! I recommend going along to both exhibitions while you can. Check out the links below for more information...