Blood, Sweat and Tears... and Hair Splinters!

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2013. Mane. (Human hair, hessian and cotton). Collection of the artist. 

After 3 bars of soap, lot's of sores, blisters, broken needles, bloody plasters, sweat, frustrated and impatient tears and countless hair splinters... yes hair splinters! I have finally finished making Mane (2013), the rug entirely made from human hair... and it only took 184 hours (this includes the felting process)! I have approximated that the rug is made up of  somewhere between 20-25 million hairs! Hopefully an unsuspecting audience will be walking all over these hairs in a darkly lit space at my graduating exhibition in less than 3 weeks. I look forward to hearing and/or seeing the reactions!