Final Editing Process

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2013. Fallen 2. (HD Video). Collection of the artist.

I am currently still working on my final edits for the final selection process of what should be shown at my graduating exhibition. I will be uploading the final edits onto my vimeo account and from there I will try to come up with the best work to show in the best sequence. Here's another video I finished this evening...
I plan to finish the final edits by the end of next week, but it could take longer. I would love to hear your feedback on how the films make you feel, your initial responses or which video's you feel work best. Feel free to private message me (as some of you already have, which is very much appreciated)  or contact me through my facebook page. Only three weeks to get everything finished to the best of my ability!!! It's going to be another busy week!