Precious Series

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2013. Olivia, Friday 5th August 1994, 12 Days Before Her Birthday at 2pm. (Hair, glass). Collection of the artist. 

Lara Mumby-Croft. 2013. Precious: Tracey, Lara, Sarah, Angela, Shirmaine and Olivia . (Hair, glass). Collection of the artist

The ideas surrounding this work stemmed from questioning the relationships people have with hair. Some people are more reluctant to throw away their hair if they have had a substantial amount cut away, or if it belongs to a daughter, or other family member, etc. Yet, many people wouldn't dream of keeping hair and think it is quite creepy. Some of these donations had dates and in-depth descriptions with them detailing the day they were cut away or certain personal information, so the hair must have had some significance to them to be kept as a precious item.

There are additional readings into this work, such as the DNA it contains, or even similarities to Memento Mori, additionally, the fact that I have collected these hair samples from people and presented them as art. This very act transcends the hair into something new for people to question and has made the hair become less abject, but still contain dark undertones. 

Each jar has a name, or description from the details that were gifted with the donation. All of the people who made these donations are aware what I am doing with their hair, but what if they were not? It would be very easy to collect strangers hair in a similar way to this... I wonder how that would make people feel? Would it make you think twice about what happens to your hair when naturally lost from your head, or when cut at the hairdressers?